About Us

PACIFIC REALTIME Pty. Ltd. has been operating since 1993 specialising in the design and integration of track measurement & evaluation systems and software for the Rail Track Monitoring industry.

We have 25 years experience in the design and development of a broad range of measurement system solutions to closely match our customer requirements and monitoring standards.

Our Rail and Road Measurement and Evaluation System (ROAMES), is a highly configurable signal measurement and data analysis engine designed specifically for a broad range of Track Condition Measurement and Reporting systems – such as Track Geometry, Rail Profile, Rail Corrugation, Ride Quality & Vehicle Dynamics, and Catenary Wire Measurement.

ROAMES provides a complete measurement system package, including automatic (unattended) and manual operation, measurement specific device interfacing, location management, and system specific data processing and data outputs. Incorporating a database server, ROAMES provides live system connectivity to a family of ROAMES Client applications designed for both real-time and off-line data visualisation, analysis, and reporting.